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Canova's Venus Statue

Venere di Canova (Canova's Venus) was the first public street statue in Adelaide, and is actually a copy of a the Italian Venus by Florentine sculptor Antonia Canova.

The life-sized Venere di Canova is made completely of white Carrara marble, standing on a base of Sicilian marble and elevated on a pedestal of Kapunda stone and was carved by the Pugi brothers, copyists of Florence for William Horn.

It was donated to the city by wealthy pastoralist, mining magnate and parliamentarian William Austin Horn and was unveilied on 3 September 1892 by Mayor FW Bullock, who at the time called 'upon every citizen to regard himself as a special constable, bound in honour and duty to protect this chaste and graceful piece of statuary from the dangers of larrikinism and vandalism’.

Rundle Mall is home to a bronze sculpture of a group of life-sized pigs, officially known as 'A Day Out' by Marguerite Derricourt.

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If you're new to Adelaide, the First Steps in Adelaide orientation walk is a great introduction to the city and will quickly get you acquainted with Rundle Mall and the surrounding precinct.

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There are rumoured to be at least six ghosts that call Adelaide Arcade home and over the years, there have been numerous reports of sightings, footsteps, objects moving and other unexplainable occurrences.

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