Rundle Mall

Past Activations

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Lunar New Year 2022
Lunar New Year celebrations have become an increasingly popular event for both those who traditionally celebrate it and onlookers who are enthralled by the electric atmosphere, with hundreds of visitors assembling in Rundle Mall for the annual performances.
VOGUE Festival 2021
Leveraging VOGUE Australia’s universally recognised brand and reputation as industry leaders in fashion, lifestyle and food, the 2021 VOGUE Festival sought to drive retail spend with an inclusive and customer-focused shopping weekend.
The Jonny's Popcorn cart
Jonny's Popcorn
Jonny's Popcorn have traded on Rundle Mall for so long they're practically part of the furniture, and are well-loved by many South Australians.
The Farmer's Union stand
Farmer's Union
Just like meeting a mate at the Mall's Balls, nothing says South Aussie pride like Farmers Union Iced Coffee (FUIC). When Farmers Union launched their new FUIC merchandise range in June 2019, they knew Rundle Mall was the only place to do it.
The bickford's cart in Gawler Place
When homegrown heroes and iconic South Australian brand Bickford’s launched their new ready-to-drink ice coffee range, they instantly knew Rundle Mall was the right place to pop-up.
The Dr Martens activation in Gawler Place
Dr Martens
When Dr Martens' first store in South Australia opened in Gawler Place, just off Rundle Mall, they decided to celebrate the milestone with a bang.
The Urban Pantry
Tasting Australia 2019
Since 1997, Tasting Australia has been one of Australia’s most anticipated culinary festivals. Tasting Australia is a journey through South Australia’s produce from paddock to plate and a celebration of real food heroes.
Crowds of people outside Sephora
Black Friday 2019
Originating in the USA, Black Friday has gained momentum worldwide and in 2019 it became the busiest day on record in Rundle Mall. With stores open until midnight, together with incredible retail promotions, shoppers came out in force.
Santas Workshop 2019
Christmas 2019
The Christmas season is one of Rundle Mall’s biggest events on the retail calendar as it becomes the heart of Christmas celebrations in the city. Every year the Mall promises to deliver a sparkling and enchanting festive celebration creating unique, must-see installations.
A Doll's House installation in Rundle Mall
It's Festival Time 2020
South Australia has long been known as 'The Festival State', and during the months of February and March, Adelaide comes alive with two major festivals, drawing hundreds of thousands of local, national and international visitors into the heart of Adelaide. 
People sitting on a black stage
VOGUE Festival 2019
VOGUE Festival, presented by VOGUE Australia in partnership with Rundle Mall, City of Adelaide and the South Australia Tourism Commission, is a retail-focused fashion initiative which celebrates shopping, drives incremental footfall and ignites the CBD.
Chinese lions under the entry statement
Lunar New Year 2020
Lunar New Year is an important cultural event which is recognised annually with celebrations showcasing time honoured rituals, music, art and food. It is a key time in the retail calendar and more and more brands and retailers are embracing the New Year celebrations.
Daffodil Cart in front of Rundle Place with Volunteers
Cancer Council
Daffodil Day is Cancer Council’s most iconic and recognised annual campaign that raises life-saving funds for world-class cancer research.