Rundle Mall Christmas 2019 Banners

Advertise with Rundle Mall

Rundle Mall is the longest and one of the busiest malls in Australia. With a visitation of over 400,000 every week, our shopping, dining and entertainment offering is as diverse as our audience. We provide unique, enjoyable and memorable experiences to all visitors, creating a captive audience of shoppers for brands to engage with through a number of strategic marketing, advertising and promotional channels, both in the Mall and online.

Roaming Advertising

Whether you’re trying to get the word out for an event, launch a new product or simply just raising brand awareness, Rundle Mall provides a captive and diverse audience every day of the week.


Impactful and eye-catching footpath graphics are a great way of promoting your brand in a number of high traffic locations throughout the Rundle Mall precinct.


Large-format banners positioned at either end of Rundle Mall, as well as underneath the Gawler Place Canopy provide a strong visual presence within Rundle Mall and can help to establish your brand or campaign on an impressive scale.


8 attention-grabbing, high-impact pillars are strategically situated in high traffic areas throughout the Rundle Mall precinct and are a perfect way to advertise your brand, event or campaign to a captive and diverse audience.

Digital Advertising

Rundle Mall’s strong digital presence spans across email marketing and website. These channels provide a platform for brands to reach, engage and influence thousands of users and subscribers, covering a broad range of demographics, straight into the palm of their hands.

Digital Screens

There are a number of large format digital screens positioned along the Mall as well as within centres and arcades. These screens are not owned by Rundle Mall. If you would like to rent space within any of these screens, please contact the media owners directly.