Compressed for web Sky Castle by ENESS photography by Zhu Rui 1 004

Sky Castle is coming to Rundle Mall this winter

Forget somewhere over the rainbow...

Sky Castle takes you somewhere inside the rainbow, as the heart of Rundle Mall is transformed into an interactive dreamscape of colour and light by Melbourne studio ENESS.

Watch its colours shift and evolve as you wander through each inflatable archway, set to a score of curiosity-stoking xylophone melodies that evolve and unfurl with the changing colours.

After a year in which venturing into public spaces has been fraught with newfound uncertainty, Sky Castle gently coaxes us back to once again share a space and an experience together, and let all those cares briefly float away.

Presented as part of City Lights, Sky Castle will arrive in Rundle Mall as part of Illuminate Adelaide this winter.

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