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Shop Safely in the Mall

We’re taking extra precautions to ensure the Mall is clean and hygienic, including thorough cleaning of high traffic and high touch areas. Your safety and wellbeing is always our top priority.

Here are some helpful tips when you're shopping

1. Shop during off-peak times

The best way to avoid the crowds is to shop during off peak times. The quieter times mean you'll have more time and space to shop at your own pace.

So when is off-peak? The early bird gets the worm! Get shopping from 9 am to 11 am from Monday to Friday - it's the quietest time in the Mall.

2. Plan your visit

Take a moment and write your list before you come to the Mall. If you plan ahead, you'll be able to tick off your entire to-do list in just one visit to the Mall.

3. Make sure your COVID-SAfe app is updated

You will be required to check-in using the provided QR codes upon entry to any store or service in the Mall, so make sure your app is updated and you're ready to look out for the codes. If you don't have access to the app, a manual sign-in sheet is also provided at every location where check-in is required.

4. Bring a mask

A mask will be required for high-risk settings and indoor spaces, and are encouraged when in public, including shopping centres, supermarkets and on public transport, so it's better to play it safe and come prepared. Pharmacies and some retail stores sell disposable and re-usable masks if you forget to bring yours.

5. Make a booking

Licensed venues will have additional capacity restrictions which require patrons to be seated when consuming food and alcohol, and a density of 1 person per 2 sqm. To avoid missing out on lunch, dinner or a drink at your favourite spot, book a table ahead of time. This will also help the venue plan their capacity and adhere to restrictions.

6. Pay with card where possible

Where possible, pay for your purchases using your card or Apple Pay to limit the amount of shared touchpoints for you and store staff. Some stores may not accept cash during high level restrictions, so be mindful of bringing alternatives.

What you can expect when you visit

  • All businesses will be displaying their QR codes for you to check-in upon entrance.
  • Shoppers may be asked to use hand sanitiser upon entry into stores.
  • Stores may have changed their in-store capacity, so please be patient and kind to one another if you need to wait.
  • Staff may ask you to try to reduce the number of touch points in-store.

What we ask from you

  • If you are unwell or have the mildest of symptoms, please do not visit the Mall.
  • Wash your hands regularly, including after touching common surfaces, and after coughing or sneezing.
  • Use hand sanitiser stations and wipe stations, conveniently placed throughout the stores in the Precinct.
  • If you happen to cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, then dispose of it. Or, if you do not have a tissue, cover your mouth and nose with your upper sleeve.
  • Please always keep a healthy distance of 1.5m from other people, including customers and staff.

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