Rundle Mall Unfolds new Brand

Rundle Mall 'UNFOLDS' New Brand to Public

Rundle Mall has officially launched its new brand platform ‘Unfold Rundle Mall’.

The new brand will be rolled out across the city precinct as of today and will encourage South Australians and visitors alike to re-discover the Mall and unfold the experiences within the popular precinct.

Rundle Mall Marketing & Events Consultant Amanda Grocock said the new brand was a year in the making and truly represented the range and choice of experiences the premier retail precinct had to offer.

“We like to refer to Rundle Mall as a dependable discovery. There is and always has been a range and choice of experiences but importantly there are always new surprises to be discovered. This is what the new brand screams,” Ms Grocock said.

“As the precinct of Rundle Mall changes before our eyes we really want people to come and experience the wide range of new shops, cafes, restaurants and bars in the precinct, as well as re-discover the huge range of retail and service businesses that have been with us for years. Rundle Mall is truly the cultural heart of Adelaide.”

As part of the re-brand, the Rundle Mall Management Authority is drawing attention to the fact that the Rundle Mall precinct encompasses businesses not only on the strip but also surrounding roads and laneways.

The new brand was developed in conjunction with local creative agency Cummins&Partners, which was engaged by the Authority in 2014 and has worked collaboratively to develop the new brand and associated marketing campaign.

Cummins&Partners Managing Director Bronwen Gwynn-Jones said the agency went back in time to ascertain exactly what Rundle Mall has meant to the city over the years and conversely what it would mean for future generations.

“There is so much emotional equity attached to Rundle Mall, so we needed to take our time and navigate the complexities of the beloved retail precinct. We feel Unfold Rundle Mall clearly demonstrates that the Mall is a large, diverse and inclusive precinct with something for everyone,” Ms Gwynn-Jones said.

Rundle Mall Management Authority CEO Ian Darbyshire said inviting people to come and explore the Rundle Mall precinct in its entirety embodied the push for Adelaide’s renewal and vibrant agenda.

“Even by simply looking at the brand you can see the modern, vibrant look and feel which is what Adelaide is currently achieving. This will work extremely well in attracting and supporting commercial initiatives and diversity while encouraging more and more people to come to the precinct,” Mr Darbyshire said.

Rundle Mall has a plethora of free community activities planned throughout the month of May specifically designed to showcase the unexpected.

There will be an Unfold Social Media Scavenger Hunt, live art installations, music, dance and theatre performances from a plethora of talented South Australians, weekly pre-AFL game entertainment including a huge Showdown celebration on Hindmarsh Square, and a Food & Wine Festival held on Friday, May 29, and Saturday, May 30, in a very unexpected location.

The month will be action packed with engaging and interactive events for all ages.

The mother of all Mother’s Day events will see a High Tea held in the Mall on Wednesday, May 6, hosted by Adelaide personalities.

The re-brand has been self-funded by the Rundle Mall Management Authority, which is a semi-autonomous subsidiary of Adelaide City Council funded entirely by stakeholders who fall within the Rundle Mall precinct.