The Feel Good Hub in Rundle Mall with the balls in the background

The Feel Good Hub

Green is the new black

The SCRgroup Feel Good Hub, located outside Rundle Place in Rundle Mall from 25 February - 15 March, is leading the charge to reduce textile waste in Australia. The Hub, which accepts used clothing, accessories and shoes, diverts over 18 million kilos of clothing from landfill annually, instead giving it a second life in the local and global communities that need it the most.

Items that can't be reused are either repurposed as rags or converted into biofuel, ensuring 100% of donations are used to their full potential.

Simply drop off your pre-loved clothes, accessories and shoes to the Hub and feel good knowing that they're going to a worthy cause.

Sustainability by the numbers

Since the Hub's inception in 2008, over 11 million Australians have donated items. 171 million items have found new homes, saving $10.5 billion in landfill fees. Over $20 million has been donated to Australian charities since 2008.