Black & White image of the Adelaide Arcade tea room

Adelaide Arcade Tea Room Residency with Heirloom Quality Supplies

Monthly Tea Room Residencies

Have you ever wanted to visit the historical Adelaide Arcade tea rooms? Former Gay's Arcade store Heirloom Quality Supplies are setting themselves up with their full product range, underground, in the Adelaide Arcade Tea Room on the first Friday and Saturday of the month from 10am - 5pm.

Heirloom Quality Supplies specialise in quality, utilitarian products for the home and the individual. They offer a range of simple and timeless products with an emphasis on function and longevity. Their products are made for the everyday; with the understanding that well-made, well-loved, and well-used possessions are always better for the individual, the community and the environment.

The Tea Room can be accessed via the Arcade laneway door and stairs. Visitors can see down into the Tea Room from the glass panel located in the centre of Adelaide Arcade - Ground Floor. Use the doorway to the East of the glass panel to enter the Tea Room. (There will be plenty of signage pointing you in the right direction on Heirloom trading days!) Please note, and they do apologise that, access into the Tea Room is limited, due to the historic nature of the Arcade, and does not allow access for wheelchairs, prams or other mobility aids. However, if you are unable to enter the Tea Room, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Heirloom tea if they can assist you in any way.