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If you are experiencing an emergency, dial 000. If you require non-urgent police assistance, dial 131 444.

For all non-emergency security issues, please call 0402 703 006.

The Rundle Mall team is dedicated to creating a safe environment for people to shop and work, ensuring Rundle Mall remains a safe, welcoming and vibrant environment for all.

Rundle Mall Security

The Rundle Mall team aims to provide you with a safe, secure and commercially-viable environment in which to work and trade. With dedicated security resources for the Precinct, it is our priority to keep all staff, shoppers and visitors safe. Our security team is an integral part of our daily operations in the Mall and are available to the businesses and members of the public during Rundle Mall opening hours.

Theft Prevention

To assist, following are the key steps that you could follow when you see a (potential) shoplifter conceal your merchandise;

  • Ensure that you or a colleague maintain continuous observation of the potential shoplifter.
  • Make a note of the persons height, complexion, build, clothing and any other descriptive features as well as the items they have concealed.
  • Call SA Police on 131 444 to report the incident and ask them to attend.
  • Before the customer leaves the store, where safe to do so, provide professional and attentive service by asking questions such as “can I be of further assistance?” or “how would you like to pay for those goods?”
  • Should you see the shoplifter fail to pay for the merchandise after passing all points of sale, you can then ask to see inside the potential shoplifter’s bags. However, we urge that you exercise extreme caution at all times.
  • If the shoplifter leaves your store before police attend, please keep a detailed description of the person. (e.g. sex, height, hair colour, any standout clothing and also which way they went after they exited your store.) for the officers when they arrive.
  • Once you have reported it to the police, call Rundle Mall Security and advise them of your case reference number – this will enable security to direct police to the offender if they are located.

Retailers are able to contact our security team who will attend (as a deterrent) if they are available, however be mindful that neither you nor the Rundle Mall Security Officer have a legal right to take hold of and search the bags (or person) of a potential shoplifter.

The best possible step you can take to stop potential and future theft is to call SA Police on 131 444 and report the incident. Involving SA Police is the most effective way of discouraging potential thieves into our Precinct and increases the likelihood of stolen goods being returned.

If you are interested in senior members of the SA Police (SAPOL) providing your team with a security training session on the topics of shop theft prevention, managing aggressive clients, credit card fraud and counterfeiting, please contact the Rundle Mall team on 8203 7200.

Business Security

SAPOL is committed to working in partnership with the community to prevent crime, and ensure that South Australia is a safe place to live, visit, and do business. Business owners and their employees can play an important role in preventing and reducing the risk of crime within the Precinct by incorporating simple safety measures into the workplace and surrounds. SAPOL have compiled a helpful list of some key prevention actions for businesses to consider implementing.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

Installing CCTV within your business (or surrounding) may deter and/or detect crime, can provide evidence to the police, as well as promote the perception of safety and reduce the fear of crime among your clients, staff and the general public. There are many factors to consider before establishing this additional security measure, and SAPOL have collated a list of elements for management to assess.