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Anyone can busk in Rundle Mall, you just need to apply for a free permit first. You can apply online, or in person at the City of Adelaide Customer Centre during business hours.

For the safety and wellbeing of everyone, the following criteria apply:

  • groups are limited to a maximum of six people
  • performers under 16 will only be permitted to busk outside school hours and during daylight hours and must have written permission from a parent or guardian
  • the busking permit is for valid for one month, and can easily be renewed online
  • if under 12 years of age, the performer must be constantly supervised by a parent/guardian and only perform in daylight hours

As of Monday 3rd August 2020, busking will return to Rundle Mall with additional specific conditions:

  • Performances must be within designated areas highlighted in the Rundle Mall Busking Zone map.
  • A maximum performance area size of 4 metres squared.
  • No amplified acts within Rundle Mall or the adjacent laneways.
  • Maintaining pedestrian flow and access in Rundle Mall during a performance, therefor Buskers must perform within 2 metres of the centre of the Mall.

You can read the full street permit policy guidelines and should understand them before you apply:

Applying for a busking permit

Applying for a busking permit is quick, easy and best of all free. You can apply online or in person at the City of Adelaide Customer Centre.

Before you apply, you’ll need to have the following handy:

  • personal details such as name, address, phone and/or email
  • 1 x photo identification (eg. drivers’ licence, passport, student ID card), or
  • 2 x non-photo identification (eg. Health Care Card or phone/utility bill).

If the performer is under 12, parents will need to apply, and the permit issued using your details, therefore please provide your own ID.

Where can I busk?

Due to Covid-19 restrictions busking must only take place in specific zones along Rundle Mall, shown in the Rundle Mall Busking Zone map.

Other than that, you're free to busk anywhere your heart (or vocal chords) desire in Rundle Mall. Please just remember:

  • busking must not impede pedestrian access.
  • buskers must maintain a minimum distance of 50 metres from any other busker, preacher, event or promotion.

Remember to keep your busking permit on you at all times and be ready to show it if requested by an authorised Council officer or Police Officer. Good luck and have fun!


The City of Adelaide and The Rundle Mall Management Authority are excited to announce the return of busking to Rundle Mall and the adjacent laneways. During the phases of restrictions, we have been working with SAPOL and SA Health to ensure busking is brought back in a safe way for buskers, pedestrians and retailers in the Rundle Mall precinct.

Please find a list of FAQ below:

Why has amplification been removed?

One of the key objectives of amplification is to project more sound and therefore draw a crowd from a large area. With the current need to social distance being so important it has been decided that amplification will add to the risk of drawing stagnant crowds, therefore it has been decided that amplification will not be returning to Rundle Mall in the immediate future.’

When will amplification be back?

As Covid-19 restrictions lift further and things resume to their new normal, we are hopeful that amplification can return in a productive and safe way to Rundle Mall, however over the past 3 years there has been a substantial increase in complaints regarding busking in Rundle Mall in relation to volume and lack of compliance with busking guidelines.

The reinstatement of amplification also relies on buskers displaying compliance with amplification and noise levels, being considerate of retailers and activations and taking direction from authorised persons as required.

Our aim is for busking to return and add the amazing vibrancy we have seen in the past, in a positive and productive way for everyone.

Are circle acts allowed or when will they be back?

Due to the large size they require and the crowds they tend to draw, circle acts have been deemed not suitable for Rundle Mall or the adjacent laneways at this time. This will be re assessed regularly.

What about Festival Time?

The Festival period is a vibrant and exciting time in Adelaide where we see a larger array of performances and more exciting national and international acts. We are currently working on what Festival time will look like factoring in any possible impacts COVID-19 may or may not have. More information will be available towards the end of 2020.