Woman Wearing Red Dress

Top 4 Tips on How To Wear Red

Red is a daring and powerful colour, wearing it can transform your attitude.

Here are a few tips on introducing this bold colour to your wardrobe.

Find the right tone of red for your complexion

There are many shades to choose from, ranging from primary red to cherry red. If you are cool based you will look better in primary red and if you are warm based you will look great in cherry red.

Using the colour red is a great way to express your personality style

A red dress is a great alternative to the little black dress, and you will definitely stand out in the crowd. If you don’t want all the attention wear with a neutral jacket or neutral accessories.

You can still make a statement without feeling like you are standing out by wearing red shoes, jewellery, handbag or belt pick one or two to give your outfit a lift.

If you are prone to redness wearing red close to your face will accentuate the redness in your skin.

If this is the case it is best to stick to great accessories rather than a jacket or scarf up close to your face.
Happy Shopping!