Woman Wearing Striped Dress

Top 3 Tips on Wearing Stripes

Spring summer season is fast approaching and we are seeing stripes in a huge way! It is one of the most feared patterns as horizontal stripes can make you look broader.

If you’re wearing horizontal stripes the eye moves from side to side, and if you’re wearing vertical stripes the eye will move up and down.So a horizontal line gives the illusion of width and a vertical line will add length.

Here are our top tips on how to make the most of the much loved stripes trend and still look your best

Thin horizontal stripes

The widening effect is dramatically reduced with thin widely spaced stripes. Look for a small scale stripe, the finer the stripe the better.

Stripes with low contrast colour

Horizontal stripes are less likely to give the illusion of width if the lines are in a similar colour. Instead of high-contrast black and white go for low contrast soft grey and white stripes.

Go for vertical lines

If you like the trend but are unsure, go for a vertical stripe it is slimming and still on trend.