How to Look Slim Instantly

There are several optical illusions you can apply to your outfit to give you an instant slimming effect.

Here are our top tips

Wear a head to toe column of colour

This elongates the body and makes you look tall and slim. Wear pants or skirts in the same colour as your tops, jackets, stockings and shoes. The deeper the colour the more slimming it will be.

Use vertical lines

Go for narrow stripes and a narrow pin stripe they both have a slimming and lengthening effect. Vertical stitching and vertical seams also work.

Verticals on verticals

Wearing an open trench over a dress or pants and top, it creates vertical lines that are instantly slimming. Make sure the dress and trench are tailored to your shape for the most flattering style.

The perfect fit

Make sure your clothing fits you perfectly and you can see your shape. Avoid over sized or baggy clothing.

Avoid bulky fabrics

A heavy knit or fabric can add unnecessary bulk to your body.

Always accentuate your best features

If you have great legs show them off. If you have a tiny waist show it off, and if you have great eyes accent them!

Happy Shopping!