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Hire a Spacecube

As the heart of the city and Adelaide's premier shopping precinct, Rundle Mall is the ideal location to enhance your brand's reach, host a pop-up store, showcase your products, or test a bricks-and-mortar environment. Hiring a Spacecube on Rundle Mall offers a temporary presence in a highly sought after retail destination, providing your brand with premium infrastructure for visual merchandising, a pop-up store, or an activation hub reaching an audience of thousands.

There are two Spacecubes available to hire - the standard Spacecube, best suited to larger activations or pop-up retail stores, and the mini Spacecube, ideal for visual merchandising installations. Enquire now to find out more about this unique opportunity.

Standard Spacecube

The standard Spacecube offers a premium and weatherproof structure ideal as a short term pop-up retail space, hub to distribute samples from or as a product showroom, or space to provide a unique experience to Rundle Mall's audience of thousands of engaged shoppers, city workers, tourists and students. The structure measures 2.4m x 6m, boasting a clever modular design and high quality finish to entertain and enhance the brand experience, positioned on the main strip of Rundle Mall to leverage the precinct's high traffic and visibility.

The standard Spacecube is ideal for:

  • a temporary pop-up store, selling your products directly to engaged shoppers
  • an experience space, inviting customers to interact with your brand, product or service
  • an exhibition or installation, showcasing artwork or large scale product displays
  • event promotion, selling tickets or merchandise, or hosting a meet-and-greet experience
  • enhanced brand presence during Rundle Mall's major events, such as ADL Fashion Week, Black Friday or Christmas

Our presence in Rundle Mall during ADL Fashion Week and beyond has contributed not only to our sales turnover but has also provided invaluable brand exposure in Adelaide's most prominent retail precinct. As a digitally-native brand, the opportunity to interact with shoppers and introduce them to The Wolf Gang's brand story has allowed us to form memorable connections with our customers, and most importantly has seen a consistent increase in our South Australian website traffic across all metrics.

Vanessa Pearce, The Wolf Gang Creative Director
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The standard Spacecube

Mini Spacecube

Whether you're looking to highlight a new product range, promote an event, announce your store opening or have your brand seen by thousands of shoppers, the mini Spacecube is a sleek and secure option to have your products on display in front of Rundle Mall shoppers. With fully enclosed glass sides, sliding lockable doors, downlights and carpeted floors, the mini Spacecube is a luxe structure to enhance your offering. The mini Spacecube measures 2.4m x 2.4m, with the option to install removable decals or custom artwork.

The mini Spacecube is ideal for:

  • visual merchandising, including mannequins, plinths or custom displays
  • small scale installations or artwork
  • event promotion
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The mini Spacecube