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Rundle Mall Christmas windows

It's Christmas time in Rundle Mall!

Explore the joy of the iconic Rundle Mall Christmas windows as they form a festive path of wonderment down the length of Rundle Mall, featuring both classic and modern takes on what Christmas means to South Australians.

Flanked by a forest of Christmas trees and fairy lights, each window tells an enchanting Christmas story, including the Aussie Christmas window showing a traditional local take on Christmas spent in the backyard summer sun with festive native friends. Another new addition to the trail showcases a Christmas cracker bursting open with a vibrant explosion of confetti and cheer, paying tribute to gathering with family at the most special time of year.

In 2022, the popular National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant window returns to mark 90 years of the Pageant and its hero, Nimble, along with a new twist on the popular florals window, this year showcasing an installation created with Aboriginal artists and native blooms.

Meet Merry the Mall Mouse

From perching atop a reindeer as it leaps from a book, to helping to put up tinsel and decorations, Merry the Mall Mouse is causing Christmas chaos as it creeps through each Rundle Mall Christmas window. Along its journey, Merry the Mall Mouse has hidden eight letters for window explorers to collect and unscramble the word - download the custom activity sheet to follow Merry the Mall Mouse throughout Rundle Mall and solve Merry's puzzles.

The Rundle Mall Christmas windows

A Christmas Story

Explore the story of The Night Before Christmas as it unfolds with a larger-than-life storybook, telling the traditional tale of the excitement of the Christmas season with 3D reindeer and decorations leaping from the page.

An Aussie Christmas

Portraying a quintessential Aussie Christmas spent in the searing summer sunshine, explore an homage to homegrown festive traditions and native friends, complete with Hills Hoist and backyard cricket.

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The Aussie Christmas window, located near Sportscraft

The Christmas Cracker

Bursting open with streamers, glittering confetti and gilded decorations, the Christmas cracker pays tribute to celebrated festive family traditions and the exitement of gathering around the table with loved ones.

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The Christmas Cracker window, located near Woolworths

APY Art Centre Collective

The unique voice of Aboriginal art is celebrated through vibrant artwork created at the APY Art Centre Collective artists, including bespoke hanging installations, sculptures and prints using a variety of textured mediums.

90 Years of the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant

In tribute to South Australia's most iconic rocking horses, discover the story of 90 years of the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant and one of its most famous characters, Nimble, who has held a special place in the hearts of Adelaidians for generations.

The Elves Adventure

An army of elves has snuck into the window, intent on weaving their own Christmas tree with a spool of red string - helped along the way by Merry the Mall Mouse, of course!

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The Elves Adventure window, located near rebel

The Christmas Claw Machine

Jam-packed with Christmas toys, the classic claw machine recalls the nostalgia of child-like wonderment and excitement that mirrors the joy of giving and receiving gifts on Christmas morning.

Father Christmas has arrived!

Heralding the most exciting moment of the festive season - the night before Christmas - the story of Father Christmas's descent of the chimney is marked with his inimitable boots and a sack brimming with gifts.