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MEDIA RELEASE: Council resolves to keep the ‘Malls Balls’ and Fountain

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RM Masterplan 2

MEDIA RELEASE: 29 Januray 2012

After lengthy discussion, Council voted on 29 January to move the `Malls Balls’ three metres to the southern side of the Mall as per the original design plan, retaining the integrity and vision of the Masterplan for the upgrade of Rundle Mall.


Following community feedback, the Rundle Mall fountain will also be retained but offset from the centre of the Mall and moved closer to the entrance of Adelaide Arcade in line with the vision for the redevelopment.


The upgrade detailed in the Rundle Mall Redevelopment Masterplan is about creating a place of real quality for people to meet, where they can enjoy the retail experience and where there is space for more regular events to happen.


Relocating the ‘Malls Balls’ and incorporation of the fountain redesign into the Masterplan will help provide a world-class Mall to everyone who uses it - businesses, shoppers, visitors and residents.


The relocation of these South Australian icons is intended to assist with:


·         Providing a de-cluttered space where events can quickly and easily be moved in and out

·         Providing enhanced safety for visitors and retailers alike

·         Allowing uninterrupted access for emergency service vehicles and after hour deliveries to traders

·         Better pedestrian movement along its length

·         Improved sightlines to neighbouring retail stores

·         Revealing and celebrating some of the Mall’s architecturally significant buildings

·         Allowing for a substantial improvement to the storm water drainage.

Activating the laneways off the Mall over the next few years is also another significant driver of the redevelopment. This will see more activity in the laneways connecting with Rundle Mall requiring easier accessibility down the Mall for freight, emergency services and other essential services.

Work on the Mall redevelopment is expected to begin in February.


Media Contact: Paula Stevens 8203 7760 or 0427 910 554




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