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The Rundle Mall Pigs

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Horatio the Pig
Oliver the Pig rifling through the bins

Rundle Mall is home to a bronze sculpture of a group of life-sized pigs, officially known as 'A Day Out' by Marguerite Derricourt.  The sculpture is landmark 3 on the Rundle Mall Discovery Trail.

The four pigs - Truffles (the standing pig), Horatio (the sitting pig), Oliver (the pig at the bin) and Augusta (the trotting pig) - are depicted in lively poses as if they were walking the street, greeting shoppers, and sniffing out a bargain.
They were commissioned by the Adelaide City Council as part of the final phase of the last upgrade of Rundle Mall.
The group sculpture was unveiled by the former Lord Mayor, Dr Jane Lomax-Smith, on 3 July 1999.  A public competition was run to name the pigs.

Discovery Trail Landmarks

  1. Historic corner - Beehive Corner
  2. Adelaide Visitor Information Centre
  3. 'A Day Out' - Rundle Mall's bronze pigs
  4. 'Progress' by Lyndon Dadswell
  5. 'Girl on a Slide' by John Dowie
  6. The Magic Cave
  7. 'Spheres' by Bert Flugelman - the 'Mall's Balls'
  8. The Regent Arcade
  9. Adelaide Arcade and Gays Arcade
  10. The Rundle Mall Fountain
  11. Ruthven Mansions
  12. Scots Church
  13. Bonython Hall, University of Adelaide
  14. The Art Gallery of South Australia
  15. The South Australian Museum
  16. His Majesty King Edward VII
  17. South Australian Migraton Museum
  18. South Australian National War Memorial and South Australian Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen Memorial
  19. Statue of Venus
  20. Walk of Fame (SA's Greats)
  21. South African Soldiers Memorial
  22. Government House
  23. Parliament House
  24. Adelaide Club and Queen Adelaide Club
  25. The Rundle Lantern
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